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For one of my last assignments at Northern Regional College, we were put into groups of 2 or 3 and together we were to look for an already existing business and do a complete rebrand. My client was DD Nail Bar/Dainty Doll on the Antrim Road.

To help DD Nail Bar strengthen their branding me and my teammate divided tasks between the two of us, giving one another an even amount of work to do based on our strengths. One of the best parts of doing this client work was the fact that myself and my partner both work in a similar style, making it much easier to finalise work.


Our client gave us a lot of freedom when it came to bringing the brand together, the only aspect she wanted to keep from her original logo was the use of 2 back-to-back "D's".

1. The Logo - To gather inspiration for this I looked on Pinterest, for different word mark logos that included initials and I liked those that created the illusion of letters being sliced together. We decided to incorporate this in our idea along with a hexagon, to make it more of an emblem.


2. Business Cards - For the business cards we wanted them to match the logo, so we integrated the use of the hexagon in a pattern. As for the reverse side with information we created a simplistic line based design, that we followed through with for all the stationary.


3. Banners - As we wanted her social media presence to be improved we created a simple Facebook banner/profile picture. The banner was done using the same hexagonal pattern, with the incorporation of pictures of nails done at DD Nail Bar.


4. Price List - The original price lists our client was using were completely inconsistent especially with her lack of branding. We used the same line style as the business cards, and created price lists to be used across social media or in real life.


5. Gift Voucher - The final piece of design work we created for this client was a gift voucher, as consistency was key for this rebrand it was done using the same line design and hexagonal pattern. We also made our gift voucher vertical rather than horizontal, to create individuality.


6. Video - As we wanted our client to have a way to promote her business more on social media, we decided creating a short promotional video would work well. We kept it short with it being around 20 seconds long, and showcased exactly what DD Nail Bar has to offer. This was then uploaded to social media and gained around 400+ views, along with a good amount of likes and comments.


As we wanted our client to have the best quality work to display, we got our work printed. This included the business cards, price lists and gift vouchers, printed stationary was another thing that helped make our clients new brand stronger.

Since doing this work for DD Nail bar, their brand has been ever evolving including the development of stickers and signage all using the designs we had done.