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Aroma Coffee House was a client I did work for in regards to an assignment for Northern Regional College, the task we were given was to find our own client to make a promotional video for. While this business has a strong enough brand and uploads regularly to social media, I thought a video would give them that extra push.


1. Scoping the Scene - Before beginning the filming process I made sure to visit the location a few times and look into what parts of Aroma translates the best on camera, inside and outside. This was a useful task as it helped me prepare a lot more.


2. Shotlist - With pictures taken after scoping the scene I began developing a shot list and preparing how I wanted to shoot my footage. I also considered timing, to allow for certain lighting of scenes, to maintain consistency.


3. Storyboard - The storyboard helped me get a more visual idea of the video, and it was also something to show the client and get her opinion. This was a way of making sure I wasn't filming areas of Aroma that the client wasn't fond of.


4. Filming - The filming process ran across a number of days, but in doing this I was making sure that I could perfect the shots I needed and allow for retakes. Though I often ran into issues when it came to customers in Aroma, as some of them had the tendency to play up for the camera ruining shots. These could easily be fixed as I had the time to do so.


5. Editing - The final step before distributing the video, I had to piece together my footage in a way that created a smooth flow with the combination of transitions. I included overlays and other aspects to make it more impactful.


With my video finished I linked my client to it, I uploaded it to YouTube making it accessible to everyone. She was a huge fan of the work I had done, but she struggled to upload it to Facebook without a link.